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Maura is an artist entrepreneur living in Chicago. She loves making banana bread and watching Seinfeld reruns. Her mom taught her the importance of treating best friends as family and takes that as the #1 girl code. When she was in 5th grade she wrote down 2 goals; to become funny and go to “collage.” Maura graduated from the University of Colorado and performs at the iO and CIC Comedy Theaters. You can also find her reading her poems around the city from her book, “Only Interested In Everything.” 

Cayte is an investigative journalist living in NYC. Her young sisters Marli and Lainey remind her daily why she wants the world to be a safer, kinder place. Favorite animals: snails, seahorses, whale sharks. Favorite pastimes: reading aloud with friends, learning the harp, singing to no one in particular. You can find her journalism spanning many countries and topics here