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From the beginning, I've stressed that home is something internal, invisible, portable, especially for those of us with roots in many physical places; we have to root ourselves in our passions, our values, and our deepest friends. - Pico Iyer 

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Proud to Be Girl by Lainey Bosler

Proud to Be Girl by Lainey Bosler

I work hard in school and at home, just as much as boys do. I do my chores and my homework just like boys do. I help and love my family just like boys do. Then why don’t I feel as important as boys do? 

I may never truly know what it’s like to be a boy, to know what it's like to be the other gender, but I am proud to be a girl. I am proud to be a girl every day whether I am working at school or playing at home. I know this is who I am. I should embrace it. I know I am a good student who gets good grades and I work hard at home, too. Though, I still don’t feel as important as boys. I used to be ashamed of who I was because of my gender. Then one of my friends told me that my gender didn’t matter. What mattered was who I was as a person and a student and a daughter. I am now prouder than ever to be a girl who works hard and should be treated just the same as boys.

I learned a lot from this past election. I learned that the world can be a cruel place if it’s in bad hands. The world can also be a place of hope and happiness if put in the right hands. 

I learned that there are many different types of people in the world, who have many different opinions. For example, the world is constantly changing and it has many problems that need fixing. Climate change is a major issue across the globe. Many people are working together to fix this problem while millions ignore it or believe it isn’t happening. This is an example of different opinions. This election has taught me to do things myself if I want to make a change instead of waiting for someone else to.

The thought of the first female president excited me and gave me hope that the world is changing. President Hilary Clinton. Having a female president would mean the possibility of equal pay for women! It would mean that I would be treated with just as much as respect as men. There would be a world leader who understood what it was like to be a woman in our society. Every day the thought of it made me smile. It gave me the hope to wake up in the morning and think that maybe tomorrow I will have the first women president.

There is a quote that states, "It takes years to build up trust but you can lose it in a second.” I agree strongly with this. I trust in most of our world leaders but in a second they could lose my trust. If I could write a letter to our world leaders, I would ask them to make sure girls across the world grow up in a world where they won’t be looked down upon for being a girl. I would ask them if they still had hope in our world. I still have hope. Do you?

Lainey Bosler lives in the Pacific Northwest and is in seventh grade. She takes dance and enjoys drawing in her free time. She has one dog and likes to teach him tricks with her brother. When she grows up she wants to be a professional writer. Her favorite snack is Chips Ahoy. Favorite TV shows are Bob’s Burgers and Arrested Development. 

Where Is Home? by Mia Styant-Browne

Where Is Home? by Mia Styant-Browne